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Both human-administered massage and today’s state-of-the-art massage chairs offer exceptional advantages. Still, some characteristics of a massage chair are particularly enticing, especially for those who don’t seek out massages.

Massage treatments provided by zero gravity massage spa offer many health advantages. Massage impacts almost all bodily systems, either actively or passively.

Muscle tension is decreased as a result of relaxation. Reduced stress leads to a healthier neurological system. Massage stimulates the lymphatic and digestive systems and aids in the removal of waste from the body. The respiratory system benefits from massage-induced decreased heart rates. It’s difficult to argue against the fact that massage is simply beneficial for the body and the mind.

However, how do human massages compare to massage chairs?

Human massages are great! In the hands of a genuinely exceptional massage therapist, some aspects of the human touch can add unique qualities to the holistic healing process.

It’s worthwhile to investigate the debate between massage chairs and human massage, which always arises. The incredible advantages of massage treatment are delivered by both human-administered massage and today’s state-of-the-art massage chairs. However, some characteristics of a massage chair are highly persuasive, especially for those who don’t seek out massages.


Over time, purchasing a massage chair pays off financially. An average human massage costs between $63 and $315. If each communication costs $88 and there is one every month, the total per year is $1057. In this instance, a massage chair that costs around $1498 will pay for itself in about four years. This is convincing given that a top-notch massage chair with an excellent guarantee will give many years of massage.

Importantly, having your massage chair allows you to increase the regularity of massage therapy at a reasonable cost. This is especially true when you consider how much less expensive your medical expenses maybe if you can have a high-quality massage whenever you want. Regular massage lowers stress, which has been demonstrated to help lessen the impact of several diseases and conditions.


You must make an appointment for a human massage. When using a massage chair, your “appointment” starts at the time you decide to sit down and activate it. You may lessen the time pressures you currently face from job and family responsibilities, workout time, and in today’s environment, social media if massage treatment has this degree of flexibility.

Regular massages become a necessary part of the day when you have a massage chair, turning massage treatment from a luxury to a need. By relieving the pressure of time, spending twenty minutes in a massage chair enhances the consistency of your quality time while improving your quality of life by inducing feel-good neurotransmitters, leaving you relaxed, easing discomfort, and supporting a more robust immune system.


Here, we’re referring to massage pressure rather than stress-related pressure. You have total control over the intensity and pressure of your massage while using a massage chair.

A skilled massage therapist can undoubtedly exert pressure and respond to input to produce the ideal level of the muscle manipulation. Because of this, you must tell a massage therapist immediately if you’re in discomfort.

When using a massage chair at spas Hampton roads, you may “dial in” the ideal pressure. If the chair also allows you to program your bespoke treatments, you can always get perfect pressure. As you have massages more frequently, you are more likely to become accustomed to (and need) a deeper, more vigorous massage, increasing your urge to modify massage pressure. You should look for a massage chair that can deliver a deep, powerful massage since you can constantly adjust the pressure to find the ideal level.

The technology used in today’s high-end massage chairs has been honed over many years, and it nearly mimics the Swedish, Shiatsu, and gentle stretching motions used in Thai massage. Additionally, at the touch of a button, the intensity of any of these massage techniques may be altered and stored for use in the future.


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